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Your house has become more important than ever before since everyone has been forced to stay put for months at a time. Creating a soothing and comfortable home environment is essential to experiencing a good quality of life.

Adding a concrete patio or concrete deck to your home is at the top of most homeowner’s priority lists because it provides an extension of the house where you can enjoy the outdoors.

How We Perform Concrete Installations

Cement Tech is a concrete patio installation company that provides the ultimate experience when it comes to deck and patio installations. You can choose any shape, finish, or color you like to customize the look to your vision.

The concrete installation process involves 4-inch thick fiber and rebar enforced concrete. When needed, Cement Tech acquires a permit through the municipality to ensure every job is done by the book.

Patios are always custom-designed to enhance the overall look of your home. It includes incorporating retaining walls to level your yard when needed in addition to radius formwork.

What Sets Us Apart

As a Cement Tech customer, you enjoy all the perks the company has to offer you. This means you will have a start to finish experience that involves budgeting, staffing, and on-site organization that ends with excellent results.

The Value a New Concrete Patio or Deck Can Bring to a New Home

Selling your home often involves preparation that includes renovations by concrete patio contractors. A well-landscaped home that includes a patio or deck benefits the seller because it increases the resale value of the home.

Most homeowners are able to negotiate a better price and often recoup 85% to 100% of their patio and/or deck investment. Homebuyers often like to visualize how their life will be if they buy your home and an outdoor space that encourages family time, barbeques and outdoor fun is an excellent selling point.

Discussing your vision for your home with a Cement Tech contractor and being open to suggestions will help you have the best-customized patio or deck that suits the style of your home and your needs.

Whether you are looking to enjoy your home more often or put it up for sale a patio or deck is the way to go!

Are you ready to take the next step to improve your property? If so, contact the friendly and professional staff at Cement Tech today!

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