Masonry and Brick Laying

Cement Tech, LLC, provided expert Masonry Services in Astoria NY, for your home or commercial project. Our experience in masonry allows us to deliver quality craftsmanship to projects, whether indoors or outdoors.

We have a skilled and specialized team in brick walls, brick sidewalk, and brick patio.

As expert masonry contractors, we can offer you guidance throughout your project and expert masonry opinion to make sure you get the best for your home.

Masonry involves several specialties that a mason can have experience in all or one of the following Stone Masonry, Concrete Masonry, and Brick Masons.


Stonemasons handle manufactured and natural stones. They also deal with veneer products and manipulate any material to fit the desired design and look.

In Astoria, NY, we have retained the best workforce in stone masonry, who can advise on the pros and cons of natural and manufactured stones.

Brick Masonry

For clients in need of brick masonry, here are a few things you should know.
Brick masonry involves the arrangement of bricks in patterns and joining them using mortar, creating a structure.

The structure later forms buildings, a brick wall, and fireplaces. A Maison may use face bricks, glazed bricks, firebricks, or building bricks depending on needs.

Common Application Brick Masonry

The common application of brickwork include: 

1. Brick sidewalk

One of the many ways to add value to your property is by adding brick sidewalks. It not only adds value but maintains high standards of neatness and an excellent look for your property.

2. Interior Stone & brick wall

In cases of interior application, clients may opt to use veneer products to achieve the desired finish. Veneer products are usually lighter than natural stones or bricks, therefore, making them easy to install.

Additionally, they are relatively cheaper because they contain less natural stone or brick. To simulate vintage accent walls, clients commonly use veneer products.

3. Fireplaces & Chimney Masonry

Fireplaces in your home are more than a place to burn wood. When professionally done, fireplaces can be a hearth giving your home a stunning impression.

When it comes to masonry, fireplaces are the place to differentiate an experienced mason and imitations.

4. Brick and Mortar Repairs

When it comes to brick construction, cracks and deformations will always form due to rain and temperature changes.

These cracks may lead to a complete replacement of a wall or sidewalk if not repaired. Finding the experienced Astoria Masonry Companies may be a difficult task. Luckily Cement Tech, LLC, offers expert repairs on brick and mortar.

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